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The Future of Grocery Is Omni channel


Businesses are exploring and adopting a wide variety of cutting-edge technologies, with an emphasis on automating manual processes throughout all stages of the supply chain.

The biggest challenge to retail leaders today is to handle the multiple types of distribution needed to have their business thrive.

E-commerce is growing, so the present-day supply chain has to be faster and more responsive and more adaptive than ever before. Retailers have to combine information technology with automation to pick, pack and ship their customers' goods with the speed and efficiency to provide seamless customer experience no matter how that customer buys a product.

Omni channel distribution in reality is the capability to fulfill orders for retail stores, for wholesale distributors, or for anyone at home, all from the same unified advanced inventory

An omnichannel will see a rising of automation, both in remote fulfillment centers and at hybrid facilities where consumers can both shop in person and have their online orders picked and packed.

Combining In-store and Online

One solution is a smart, attractive combination of online shopping and in-store browsing, powered by automation - something that can be called "Omni Store".

Omni Store is a hybrid retail location with a small, convenient store where customers can pick fresh produce and items that tend to attract impulse buying while the rest of their cart is being picked in a back room by robots. Then the groceries gathered via automation are added up with the consumer's in-store purchases at checkout to be taken home or delivered. That way, the consumer can still see and touch perishables and other "front-of-house" items before buying, but at the same time experience much quicker and more convenient shopping. On the retailer side, the costs of order fulfillment go down, without the loss of those additional revenues from spontaneous purchases in store. It's the perfect combination of efficient online grocery fulfillment and rich, in-store experience.

This kind of small-scale automation is also called a micro fulfillment center. In theory, it doesn't even need to have a retail store element, and could be dedicated to fulfilling online orders only. Some larger retailers are opting for large fulfillment centers with a high level of automation. These are great, but they're also very capital intensive. Micro fulfillment centers are smaller, which reduces the savings from scale, but they offer a huge advantage in proximity to the customer - you can fit one into a large number of existing retail stores.

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Online Grocery Order App Software on Monthly Subscription-basis for Supermarket

Making Omni channel Possible

In today's grocery supply chain, automation is inevitable. In fact, behind the walls of umpteen warehouses and distribution centers right now, it's already a reality. Automated grocery systems are estimated to pick and pack orders as much as 10 times faster than a human, and with fewer errors.

As the frequency of online shopping continues to grow, all retailers need to think about how to ensure that customers who are now buying online stay online, while keeping fulfillment costs down. To enable success, it's time to use the benefits of automation to offer consumers more choice.

Omni channel in retail is the new reality

Today, shoppers expect options. They might buy online and pick up their items either inside a physical store or outside from curbside delivery for convenience and to maintain social distancing. They also might discover a product inside a store, but wait to buy it online after they get home. In order to keep customers satisfied, retailers need to integrate these online and offline channels to provide a seamless customer experience.

Based on these observations, here's what's required for omnichannel success in retail:

  1. Timely investments
  2. Integrated fulfillment capabilities
  3. Be ready for whatever comes next
  4. Non-stop innovation
  5. Speed and flexibility

Be ready for anything

Many cities experienced multiple lockdowns over the past year, which at first shocked the retail community to its core. But after the first shutdown, retailers learned to lean more heavily on their online channels to keep up with demand and worked to transition to online effectively, it also had a number of initiatives up its sleeve to improve the customer experience even further and they implemented a new CRM to pull together customer information, understand who customers are and how they shop the store.

This helped the retailer stay in touch with shoppers, establish deeper relationships with them, and drive more new and repeat business. Having a better understanding of what their customers wanted also led them to offer online buy-now-pay-later technology.

Speed and flexibility are everything

The only way to be ready for swift changes is to be flexible and fast. The other side is speed. Retailers must be able to quickly innovate, open a new sales channel, launch a brand, or enable a new tactic in order to keep up.

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